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Knife Gate Valve

FEIDA knife gate valve has light switch, reliable sealing, long service life properties.

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Knife Gate Vavle

Category: GATE VALVE

FEIDA knife gate valves are available in carbon steel and stainless steel. The sizes range from 2" to 24". The operation mode can be handwheel, gearbox and pneumatic. Our knife gate valves are designed for wide applications, such as paper/pulp, sewage, mining, food and chemical industry. 


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 Through Conduit Gate Valve

API 6D Cast Steel Through Conduit Gate Valve

FEIDA API 6D cast steel through conduit gate valve can apply for severe service condition. It has double block and bleed capability and automatic relief of excess body pressure.

Pressure Seal Gate Valve

API 600 Cast Steel Pressure Seal Gate Valve

FEIDA API 600 cast steel pressure seal gate valve is as per API 600 & ASME B16.34 design. It is suitable for high pressure and high temperature working conditions.


API 602 Forged Steel Gate Valve

FEIDA API 602 forged steel gate valve has compact design. FEIDA supplies forged steel valves with full bore, standard bore(reduced bore), bolted bonnet, welded bonnet, pressure seal bonnet design.

Cast Steel Gate Valve

API 600 Cast Steel Bolted Bonnet Gate Valve

FEIDA API 600 cast steel bolted bonnet gate valve has rugged reliability, tight shut-off property and with fugitive emission design. It can meet any client's need for different service conditions.

Precision valve casting

Valve Casting

FEIDA is one of the premier precision steel castings manufacturers in China.

Swing Check Valve

Cast Steel Swing Check Valve

FEIDA Cast Steel Swing Check Valve can be designed according to BS 1868 and API 6D.

Pneumatic High Performance Butterfly Valve

Pneumatic Operated Wafer Type High Performance Butterfly Valve

FEIDA pneumatic operated high performance butterfly valve can be assembled with single acting (spring return) or double acting well-known brands' actuators (such as METSO, ST. HANS etc) .

Stainless steel water supply resilient Gate Valve

Stainless steel resilient Gate Valve DN100

Stainless steel resilient Gate Valve DN100 FEIDAVALVE stainless steel resilient gate valves are designed with built-in safety in every detail. The wedge is fully vulcanized with FEIDAVALVE’s own drinking water approved EPDM rubber compound. It features an outstanding durability due to the ability of the rubber to regain its original shape, the double bonding vulcanization process and the sturdy wedge design. The triple stem seal system, the high strength stem and the thorough corrosion protection safeguard the unmatched reliability. Main product features: 1. Fixed, integral wedge nut prevents vibration and ensures durability. 2. The stainless steel wedge core is fully vulcanized with drinking water approved EPDM rubber, no iron parts are exposed to the medium and the excellent rubber vulcanization prevents creeping corrosion underneath the rubber. 3. Guides in the wedge and on the valve body ensure a uniform closure, safe operation and prevent overloading of the stem. 4. The wedge has a large through bore with room for the stem, completely free of hollows or cavities where stagnant water or impurities could collect and cause contamination. 5. Stainless steel stem with wedge stop and rolled threads for high strength. 6. Full circle brass thrust collar provides fixation of the stem and low free running torque. 7. Triple stem seal system with an NBR wiper ring protecting against impurities from outside, a polyamide radial bearing with four NBR O-rings and innermost an EPDM rubber lip seal as the main hydraulic seal to the flow. 8. Round bonnet gasket fixed in a recess groove in the bonnet preventing it from being blown out by pressure surges. 9.Counterbored and hot-melt sealed bonnet bolts encircled by the bonnet gasket ensures no risk of corrosion. 8.Full bore. Product Description Name stainless steel soft seated wedge gate valve Design  Designed according to EN 1074 part 1 & 2 End Connection Flanged Operation  Manual/Pneumatic/Electric Size Range  NPS 2"-20"(DN50-DN500) Pressure Rating  PN10-PN16 Body Material Stainless steel Seat Material  EPDM Rubber Temperature  -29℃ to 70℃  Brand FEIDA FEIDA is a leading quality high performance butterfly valve manufacturer & Stainless steel resilient Gate Valve Stainless steel resilient wedge gate valve Application: Water supply, Water treatment, Waste water etc.

Valve Casting

High Performance Butterfly Valve Casting

FEIDA is one of the premier precision steel castings manufacturers in China.

Stainless Steel Globe Valve

BS 1873 Stainless steel globe valve

FEIDA cast steel globe valve is in compliance with the latest edition of BS1873 and ASME B16.34

Triple Offset Butterfly Valve

Double Flanged Triple Offset Metal Seat Butterfly Valve

FEIDA triple offset metal seat butterfly valve has four eccentric structure, which can achieve bi-directional zero leakage with the lowest torque.

Fully Welded Ball Valve

Forge Steel Fully Welded Ball Valve

Forged steel fully welded ball valve has one piece welded body and can be welded with transition pipe.

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GET A QUOTE to learn more about our innovative design extremly durable high performance butterfly valve with bi-directional zero leakage under high frequency operation.