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Butterfly Valves – An Economical Choice - High Performance Butterfly Valve

Apr 15,2022

Butterfly valves are a great (and less expensive) alternative to globe and other control valves in applications where 1-2% accuracy is acceptable. Process conditions will dictate whether a resilient seated or high performance butterfly valve should be selected.

high performance butterfly valve

A resilient seated butterfly valve is the most economical choice. If pressures and temperatures are not extreme, this type of valve should work just fine. If pressure and temperature exceed the limits of a resilient seat, a high performance butterfly valve is necessary. FEIDA Double Offset  High Performance Butterfly VALVE would perctly solved this issue.

FEIDA VALVE is the top ranking China double offset butterfly valve manufacture. The annual output of high performance butterfly valve is more than 100,000,000 set.

The API 607 fire safe high performance butterfly valve is also in FEIDA VALVE product range. Our fire safe butterfly valve is certificated by American Petroleum Institute (API) according to API 607 standards.

FEIDA VALVE also build up a dustless workshop to produce ultra-clean valve for some critical working condition such as nuclear industry, semiconductor industry etc.

In the dustless workshop, FEIDA also produce the food-grade valves. FEIDA food-grade valve is certificated by Food and Drug Administration United States (FDA).

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