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Brief introduction of FEIDA VALVE

Nov 8,2021

FEIDA VALVE is the top ranking China double offset butterfly valve manufacturer aslo a top ranking Stainless Steel Resilient Gate Valve manufacturer. The annual output of high performance butterfly valve and stainless steel soft seated gate valve is more than 100,000,000 set.

stainless steel resilient wedge gate valve

The API 607 fire safe high performance butterfly valve is also in FEIDA VALVE product range. Our fire safe butterfly valve is certificated by American Petroleum Institute (API) according to API 607 standards.

FEID AVALVE stainless steel resilient gate valves are designed with built-in safety in every detail. The wedge is fully vulcanized with FEID AVALVE’s own drinking water approved EPDM rubber compound. It features an outstanding durability due to the ability of the rubber to regain its original shape, the double bonding vulcanization process and the sturdy wedge design. The triple stem seal system, the high strength stem and the thorough corrosion protection safeguard the unmatched reliability.

stainless steel soft seated wedge gate valve

FEIDA VALVE also build up a dustless workshop to produce ultra-clean valve for some critical working condition such as nuclear industry, semiconductor industry etc.

In the dustless workshop, FEIDA also produce the food-grade valves. FEIDA food-grade valve is certificated by Food and Drug Administration United States (FDA).

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