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What is A High Performance Butterfly Valve

Feb 22,2020

High performance butterfly valves are used for shutoff and throttling control. They are designed to handle everything from general applications to viscous and corrosive liquids; corrosive gases and steam.

A wide variety of seat types are available including:

  • PTFE seat  - providing bubble-tight shutoff in both directions),
  • Seats for dirty, viscous services
  • Fire safe seats - designed for fire safe applications

Soft seats are offered in several materials along with metal seats for the high temperature applications. Stem seal options for fugitive emissions control, pressurized neck extensions for cryogenic applications, plus many other options are available.

High performance butterfly valves come in sizes from 2'' up to 60”, with body materials ranging included carbon steel, stainless steel, duplex stainless steel and other alloys. Their temperature ranges are from -20 to 900F depending on the seat design.

The packing gland is also  included, it would be allows for adjustment of the load to the packing to prevent external leakage. Seat are typically replaceable and the body has a stop to prevent over-travel. The valve stem and valve body are redesign and entrench to meet the require up to class 600 ratings. The connection is included the wafer, flnaged, lugged manual or actuated.

To select the buttefly valve that's right for your application, we need to make sure to take viscosity, temperature, size of bulkal material of the liquid and the application itself into cosideration.

FEIDA VALVE offcialy announce that we will go back to work on 09th Feb 2020. Dear partener and friends, any needs, write us, FEIDA VALVE will be available.

FEIDA is specialized in High Performance Butterfly Valve for more than 15 years. There are 2 main facilities includes 2 valve assembly & testing factories, 1 large CNC machinery plant, 1 investment casting foundry (3000T/Y) and 1 valve R&D center, equipped with most advanced production equipment and testing equipment.

The fire safe butterfly valve is also in FEIDA VALVE product range. Our fire safe butterfly valve is certificated by American Petroleum Institute (API) according to API 607 standards.

FEIDA also build up a dustless workshop to produce ultra-clean valve for some critical working condition such as nuclear industry, semiconductor industry etc.

In the dustless workshp, FEIDA also produce the food-grade valves. FEIDA food-grade valve is certificated by Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

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