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Is It Okay To Install The Butterfly Valve Upside Down?

Sep 6,2021

Butterfly valves are commonly used in many applications. This is due to the efficiency of the butterfly valves’ mechanism. There is an increase in demand when it comes to a butterfly valve. Currently, butterfly valves have become the first choice for many people in different working conditions. But when it comes to their installations there are a lot of people who do not understand or have little information about this. In this article, we will be answering if the butterfly valve can be installed in a backward direction.

Can I install a butterfly valve in an upside-down direction?

The answer to this is no, and the reason is so simple.

The butterfly valve has a vital sealing role having a valve seat as well as the valve shaft portion of the packing. If the butterfly valve is connected vertically or horizontally upon the pipeline, the media will have very little erosion upon the filler. In case the butterfly valve is installed upside down, the media will flow towards the filler eroding the filler, thus destroying the performance of the seal and hence can lead to leakage of the butterfly valve. Any leakage of poisonous and harmful media will eventually have a great effect on the surroundings.

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